Investments from the US and Patriot Act


Has anyone done the GV investment from the US? If so, I am curious if the transfer of funds from the US has been noted by Homeland Security and have they asked for an explanation? From what I’ve heard from friends who invested in different countries this is a possibility. I don’t think it is an issue, just curious.

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Anything is possible, but so much money moves so often between the US and Europe that any given wire transfer just isn’t that interesting.

I would put the risk as being with your bank deciding that you wanting to move so much money all at once might be suspicious to them, which would cause them to say something. Even then though, you have a legit reason - you want to move your money from one bank account in your name to another bank account in your name for an investment, something that again happens all the time.

I haven’t done a GV transfer but I move money to and from Europe for various other investment reasons and it’s never been an issue.

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My belief is that a one off transfer will not attract much attention, if any, unless you are already engaging in suspicious activity.

I have and I had to show what the source of the funds were, in my case RE sale, so had to provide copies of closing docs, bank statement to the transferring bank Transferwise in my case before they would initiate the funds transfer

We did it and weren’t asked anything 🤷🏻