Lawyer ghosting?

Hello all,

We have been working with a portuguese lawyer on a GV application. They have fulfilled the initial aspects of our agreement, and I have been prompt with payments to them. At this point, per our agreement, I owe them a balance due, but I have yet to receive an invoice for that balance.

Up to the point of the application, there was frequent communication (email). I received an email indicating that I should expect an invoice around mid-January. Since then, I’ve sent a couple of emails asking about the invoice, and I’ve tried contacting via a whatsapp text message but have received no responses. And I did root through my spam/trash email folders to confirm I didn’t miss something.

Given we live in strange times (Covid, tele-trabalho, lockdowns, etc), I certainly want to give the lawyer the benefit of the doubt. Plus, I’m American, meaning my expectations of lawyers is pay first, results later. Here, I have the results, and want to pay for the service, but there is no response to my entreaties.

So, am I worrying for nothing? Is this just a cultural mis-expectation? Combo of covid times, SEF, culture? I don’t want to be a pushy American, so am looking for advice/thoughts on what should be my expectations.

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All I can tell you is that I made a mistake by hiring a lawyer who wanted the full payment in advance. I was only able to negotiate 80/20 split and boy am I glad I did.
But lessons learned - my next transaction (in another country) is 50/50 (well, actually now more like 50/60 :slight_smile: ) and the lawyer is doing a great job.

I would recommend allowing for far more time that you are typically used to in the U.S. Things just don’t move very fast in Portugal, and it is better to just tame your expectations, even at the expense of couple of extra stiff drinks per night to calm your nerves… :slight_smile:


Thank you all. In the mean time, our lawyer has responded and all is now in order. I appreciate all the comments and support.

Appreciate if you could please share the details of your Lawyer with regards to GV application since you are satisfies with their response and service.

Please DM me for details