How do I Vet a lawyer


How do I vet a lawyer? How can I confirm their identity


Hello Ravi, I strongly recommend you check out the lawyer’s list on the US Embassy webpage for Lisbon. As a retired Foreign Service Officer, it’s where I started my search after I began to feel uncertain about some folks I’d found simply “online.” I identified two firms that I felt very comfortable with and ended up choosing one of them. Two months in, we’re very happy with the choice! Good luck to you. Ken

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I am looking for an immigration lawyer I went to the Us embassy page, but ther was no list of lawyers. Is there another place to start?
thank you

See here

Hum its on that page…

I haven’t seen most of these firms; and for some that I have spoken to before, they aren’t listed to my surprise.

Would be nice if there’s some semi-private way to compare notes with lawyers, without breaking the community rules here…

Sorry @jpgoldenvisa I skimmed too fast and thought you typed “same here” : )

Hi Carole –

Here’s the page with the link to mainland Portugal attorneys:

I spoke with about eight-ten of the ones on the list and honed in on two. I’d also be happy to put you in touch with the two attorneys I had extensive conversations with, including the one that I signed up with. Both are excellent and really know the GV rules.

Just let me know.

Best, Ken



Ken, would you mind sharing your attorney recs with me? I’m looking for property in Lisbon and looking for robust assistance with the sale plus GV application.

Hi Mimi - I’m using Filipe Eusebio with Ana Bruno and Associates. I’ve been very happy with him. A bit more expensive than other options but still reasonable. Tell him I sent you…