How do I Vet a lawyer


How do I vet a lawyer? How can I confirm their identity


Hello Ravi, I strongly recommend you check out the lawyer’s list on the US Embassy webpage for Lisbon. As a retired Foreign Service Officer, it’s where I started my search after I began to feel uncertain about some folks I’d found simply “online.” I identified two firms that I felt very comfortable with and ended up choosing one of them. Two months in, we’re very happy with the choice! Good luck to you. Ken

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I am looking for an immigration lawyer I went to the Us embassy page, but ther was no list of lawyers. Is there another place to start?
thank you

See here

Hum its on that page…

I haven’t seen most of these firms; and for some that I have spoken to before, they aren’t listed to my surprise.

Would be nice if there’s some semi-private way to compare notes with lawyers, without breaking the community rules here…

Sorry @jpgoldenvisa I skimmed too fast and thought you typed “same here” : )

Hi Carole –

Here’s the page with the link to mainland Portugal attorneys:

I spoke with about eight-ten of the ones on the list and honed in on two. I’d also be happy to put you in touch with the two attorneys I had extensive conversations with, including the one that I signed up with. Both are excellent and really know the GV rules.

Just let me know.

Best, Ken