How best to retain a Portuguese immigration attorney?

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New to the group and first post, so apologies in advance if a similar question has been posted.

I’m wanting to begin the immigration process to establish residency permit and citizenship. However, I see on the Portuguese Consulate site for DC, that applications are not being accepted for non-family or Portuguese related applicants.

I would like to search now for an attorney so that when applications start being accepted I will be ready. How does anyone suggest retaining an attorney in Portugal, from the US, to facilitate immigration process?



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Thanks. I did see a couple of offices from that link that I also found elsewhere in searches so contacted them.

Thanks, Philip. :grinning:

John, I could be able to refer you with a couple of immigration lawyers based in Portugal with whom I work. Feel free to contact me in private if you would like.

Hi Phil… the site isn’t allowing me to message you directly. Are you able to?