Lince Capital experience?

Hi. My name is Ramin. I am a US citizen hoping to pursure the Golden visa process through real estate or funds.
We are considering working with Lince Capital. Just wondering if anyone in here has worked with them and your experience with it. Thank you very much in advance.


Invested in a fund with them . If you go to the GV fund options you’ll see quite a few people have

Hi. May I ask when and what fund you invested in? Thank you.

I Invested with Lince in fall 2020. To date, they have been very responsive and diligent. Financials seem to be in order, PFIC statment issued as promised. IMO Lince has held up their end of the deal very well so far, I’m happy with them.

I chose to invest with Lince in March. They’ve been very professional so far. We’re subscribed to the fund and have our application submitted to SEF.

Good to hear about the PFIC statement. :+1:

Just a point of reference, one of the other folks on the board that invested with Rock Capital (Lince managed) just got their pre-approval and biometric appt. So at least we know that the investment passes muster with the SEF