Lisbon neighborhoods

Since someone PMd me asking about neighborhoods I figured it was time someone started a thread

My wife and I got an apartment in Lisbon and did a good amount of looking, though admittedly probably not enough!

We ended up mostly looking in the area between the Intendente and Mqs de Pombal and would not hesitate to recommend the area, it’s close to everything but not in the tourist areas, and seems to be on the upswing

Intendente was busier but had a lot more stuff, and tons of restaurants, immigrants, and construction, all of which I think are great signs. Definitely more hectic though!

Where do you all like to stay? We looked primarily around metro stops so feeding didn’t give some neighborhoods a fair shake


My apartment is near the Picoas station, and it’s nice enough and on the upswing. Everything is nearby, and there aren’t very many tourists. The Sheraton is nearby, so you’ll see Americans about, but they’re all older or business travelers and tend to get in a car in front of the lobby. The streets behind the Sheraton in Avenidas Novas are nice enough. It’s just not winding cobblestone streets you see in tourist pictures. There is one direction to avoid (unless you’re looking for trouble…) which is the upper part of Av. Duque de Loulé, where there are some questionable establishments.

The Covid years really skewed what you’ll experience if you are closer to the river (closer to Baixa-Chiado). That can get maddening when tourism is at 100%, which I bet will happen this year. I was there before that all happened, and I could go all day without hearing Portuguese sometimes.

What have I learned since moving?

What I thought was important to me;

  • Upscale, urban, international neighbourhood with access to the airport

What I didn’t think about but turned out to be important to me;

  • Tourism (signed the contract during covid restrictions of 2021. I’m used to the tourism now but it can be overwhelming in high season)
  • Hills (I’m on a flat-ish location but living on a steep slope common in parts of Lisbon)
  • Build quality ( I specified a/c, heating, soundproofing & glazing, this isn’t a given even in so-called ‘luxury’ properties & new builds)
  • Azul metro line (I never imagined using this so much, doubt I’ll move far from it in the future)

So where did I end up?

Near Marques de Pombal, close to the park, shops and facilities on Avenida, in a new build.

I still use & recommend to check out new properties but haven’t been tempted to move yet :wink:

I would also consider Saldanha & maybe Principle Real when it’s time for a change.

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