Meeting in Lisbon


Anyone in Lisbon now and applying for GV would like to meet?

Would love to know about others experiences

I am just starting the process

I have just arrived in Lisbon. Still in early stages and still choosing where to purchase.

Hi Paul

I am still Lisbon and will be here for a couple more weeks

If your purchase is for investment only and you don’t plan to stay in the apartment/house ppl are recommending Avenidas Novas / Parque Das Naçoes ( mainly focusing on securing the investment ) , if you want to live in the property then the criteria would differ to what you would be looking for in a home

Let me know if you want to meet over coffee tomorrow?

Mainly looking for property to live in although maximum time I would spend there is the 183 days.
Okay for coffee tomorrow. Just arrived in Lisbon last night so just going to get used to the way around today.