Looking for recommendations for a Hong Kong accountant

Looking for some help creating books for a HK company.


Take a look at Brickwork, they have what you want and more.


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Will do, thanks

The OP was asking for a HK accountant, not an Indian one.

This HK accounting firm has been recommended to me: http://flexkin.com/en/

While itโ€™s nice that you have been able to offer a website to a local accounting firm. Please take the time to read what Anthony said he is looking for.

While itโ€™s clear you have no clue about Brickwork as a company (check it out, you just might like it), there are no prizes and it is not a competition.

By all means offer as many options and answer as many questions as possible but do so in a respectful way so nobody is discouraged from contributing for fear of running into anyone with a bias or discriminatory comment about any country like you have just done.

Hope you are having a fun day as I am and take care of you.

HK books are straightforward, no tax set up is required. You can get an accounting software ( MYOB or Peachtree, both can set up cost / job accounting) and take a sample company to start with.

No discriminatory comment has been made about any country. Settle down Akan and donโ€™t be so hypersensitive.

Profitaccounting.hk is responsive and organised. Not expensive.