Mercan Lagos project

May I please ask for firsthand experience about Mercan (in relation to the Portugal GV)? I am particularly interest to know whether they have been honoring the buyback guarantee, and if not, what would be the fall back scenario? That would be super helpful, thank you!


Has anyone recently heard some algarve 280k project investors are facing problem/questioning from SEF regarding the eligibility of their purchase? (eg: not low density, not rehabilitation)

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Some of the opportunities are questionable.

How does a new hotel in Lagos, Algarve qualify for the min. 280k euro commercial investment? It doesn’t appear to be in rehabilitation and location is definitely not low density. I even worked out where the construction site will be - it’s literally just behind the marina de lagos!

The investment is made via debt/Promissory Note - so technically it doesn’t fall under fund or commercial property. I have reasons to believe investor will not meet the GV eligibility requirements. Happy to be proved wrong. Any one here knows how they are bypassing this?

Also, I can’t seem to find a corresponding CMVM number (and needs “FCR” suffix). Does a transfer of deed/part deed takes place at all in the subscription?

Can you share more details on Mercan being a total scam. I have been talking to them and curious about your experience.

Yes I would like to hear more details on your experience with Mercan as talking to them now. You are a year ahead of me so are things going smoothly? What about your residency cards?

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