Mexico Permanent Residence stay requirement?

I am exploring residence in Mexico with minimal stay requirements. I did not see any topics related to Mexico here. Does anyone have any experience?

I see that you can easily obtain a temporary residence and live in Mexico and after 4 years, you can convert to a Permanent residence. However, I see there is also a direct route to permanent residence by “retiree visa” . It appears that you must show proof of retirement in your home country but I am not clear what this would entail and because retirement is not necessarily a permanent condition, what if you retire and then change your mind later and want to work in the US? Does Mexico actually want proof of retirement or do they only care that you have financial means and will not take a job in Mexico?

For the Mexico temporary residence, is there specific stay requirement annually to maintain and renew it to get to the 4 years in order to apply for permanent residence?

From what I have read, this can depend on your consulate. I would contact the Mexican consulate closest to you and see what their specific requirements are for the permanent residency.

For example, at the Toronto consulate, they either want proof of your pension payments or proof of financial means (i.e. $181,000 CAD average balance in your bank).

Aside from visiting Mexico once per year to renew the temporary residency, there are no stay requirements to maintain the temporary residency or qualify for permanent residency. After the four years have passed, you can switch to permanent residency with no hassle or income proof. Since the permanent residency card never expires (there is no expiration date) you will be a permanent resident for life and can reside outside of Mexico for as long as you like.

I would recommend the temporary residency unless you have some hurry to get the permanent residency for some reason. The biggest advantage I see of obtaining permanent residency immediately is that you are able to avoid the yearly trip to Mexico required to renew the temporary residency (along with the fees you pay for each renewal).

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I am curious why you recommend temporary residence. If the goal is ultimately to get permanent residency and I currently have an account with $181,00 CAD average, is there some reason not to just go directly to the permanent residency option? I don’t really have any hurry, but I would hate to go the temporary route and for some reason be unable to visit Mexico one year and have to start all over.

I love Mexico and the people there. We visit Mexico very often (usually at least twice a year) and I don’t know for sure that I would retire there but if there is only nominal cost to get a permanent residence, is there any downside? I see it more as a Plan B or Plan C option.

I recommend the temporary residence since it is an easier process and is meant for people who aren’t retired or on pensions. You are also less likely to be rejected as long as you meet the financial requirements (which is lower for temporary residency). The renewals can be annoying if you don’t live in Mexico.

However, if you meet all of the requirements for permanent residency, then it’s a better idea (and cheaper in the long term) to get it immediately. I would just call or email your Mexican consulate to see if you need to provide proof of retirement along with the financial proof.

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Permanent residency means you can’t bring a vehicle into Mexico unless you pay very expense import fees. Temporary residents can bring foreign-plated cars into Mexico. Just something to consider

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