Moving Funds, Internationally, With A Visa Debit Card

I have a bank account in Latin America that comes with a Visa debit card.

I also have bank account in the United States.

I don’t, as of yet, have a Transferwise account in the U.S.

Background - For a number of years, I have needed to pay a wire transfer fee to move funds back to the U.S. I think it’s around $40.00 with the intermediary fee. Is there a way to use the Visa card to move the funds, at a reduced cost? People usually use a Visa card to purchase goods and services. In my travels from years ago, I believe I used my U.S. Visa card to get a cash advance at a bank in Yugoslavia, if my memory serves me correctly! So I woke up this morning with this idea in my head: How can I use the foreign Visa card to move funds internationally and avoid paying the wire transfer fee? I live in one of the handful of dollarized economies in Latin America - so there would be no foreign exchange charge. Could this be accomplished with a WISE account? If it could, I could do a free ACH from WISE to my U.S. bank account. Can anyone suggest a way to accomplish this end, if it is even possible?

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I don’t think Wise would be a good idea since they have processing fees if your USD card is not issued in the U.S.

I have a Wise account and also have a USD debit card from a ‘dollarized’ Latin country. When I try adding 500 USD to Wise using the debit card, there is a $22 USD fee. For adding $1000 USD the fee is $44 USD.

Furthermore, the following message is shown:

It looks like your card is not issued in the U.S. and therefore, we’ll need to add a fee to cover the extra processing costs.

Wise can tell where you card was issued from the first 6 digits of your card (aka the BIN number)

When I use a debit card from an actual U.S. bank to add $500 USD, the fee is $5.70 USD.


Thanks for the information. Maybe with Bitcoin it would be possible - in an indirect way, but I have absolutely no familiarity with crypto.

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