Moving Kids to Portugal and Study Here

Hi my kids are 7 and 11 years old. They don’t know Portuguese yet. In this age range, is it difficult for them to study in Portugal? Is it a must to choose international school in English stream? (though English is not their mother language but they are able to speak and understand it).

What’s the education system in portugal? Do they go abroad when they study in University?

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As far I know friends of mine his children admitted in English midum but very expensive euro 700.00 per month has to pay… But lots of option you have it.

i have the same questions myself. i think portugals education system is very good. IMO i dont think the international school is worth it. BUT it might affect future college choices for other countries in europe maybe??

No, not really as there isn’t much a reason to except for the obvious one of wanting to learn some new culture, that kind of thing. Most of those who do go abroad for university, to places like the UK do so because their grades wouldn’t get them in anywhere in Portugal, at least for the course they wanted.

absolutley dont do it in a state school. i tried some years ago with 3 children of a similar age to yours. it was a spectacular disaster. on top of the bullying because they were not portuguese, which was constant, if the teachers turned up for a lesson it was considered a result. they appeared to never bother. my kids were so unhappy we returned less than a year later. we had made a big commitment ,house, work, moving etc and it was destroyed basically by the education system. oh, and the bullying? the teachers laughed, because its funny when your kids are distressed. there was another english child joined at the same time, he got it worse and his language skills were better. i suppose you could try an international school if you have the money? it couldnt be worse than the state school.