University Education and Portugal Golden Visa

Feel free to point out if this is the wrong forum to post this message. This is my first post on this site :grinning:

Myself along with my family ( wife and 16 y/o daughter) are exploring applying for the Golden visa for Portugal. I had the following questions regarding University Education for my daughter who will be going to Univ in about 2 years from now.

  1. Is there any benefit of GV for Univ education?
  2. Is Univ free or discounted for Citizen or PRs?
  3. Assume I apply now for the GV and get it in 6 months, can my daughter benefit from this in terms of Univ education in 2 years time? Or will she benefits only after she gets Citizenship or PR after 6 years?

Thanks in advance.

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I have been researching the same thing. I can comment about what it is like once you obtain citizenship. Public universities in Portugal will be relatively cheap compared to my country (US). It will be around 3000 Euros a year. Some majors are in English and others in Portuguese. With citizenship, your child can attend public EU university at the prevail fees for locals. I think Denmark, Germany and Norway are free. However, in Denmark your child will not receive a stipend like Danes do. In the UK, you would pay what the locals pay i.e. what Scots pay in Scotland and English pay in English. English folk pay more that Scots to study in Scotland.

As for GV, it does not help outside of Portugal, Inside, I am not sure. I am interested as my daughter will 18 when we get out citizenship.


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