Portugal Youth Football System

Hi All,

One of the most important things regarding our potential family move to Portugal is our 8 year old son’s ability to play football, currently in the United States he plays on a travel/competitive team year round.

How does the youth football system work in Portugal and Europe in general? In the states it is easy to google search the city you live in and “soccer” and each club has it’s own site, not so much for Europe. How do you find a club to join? Do the larger club’s youth academies recruit from the smaller teams? Or do they have certain try-out dates?

Any insight would be helpful, thank you!

Hi good morning,

I can only speak for the Italian market (but I guess is more or less the same in all Europe). Basically you need to have a certified agent that can propose the player to the teams and that can sign the final contract between the two parts.

I personally manage a few players and I have interesting contacts in A series italian football teams, if it may be interest for you drop me a PM :slight_smile: