N26 account opened in USA but with Euros?

I’ve been searching around now for awhile with no luck, so forgive me if this has been addressed in another thread. I will be relocating to Germany for a few years for work and want to secure living arrangements. I am working through a relocation service provided by my company but have spotty communication with them (very frustrating) and I am hoping someone here might have an answer. Am I able to open an N26 account and fund it with USD while still residing in the USA and have that account convert my USD into EURO to be used for rent and security deposit prior to arrival in Germany, as well as living expenses once I arrive? Also, once I am in Germany I will be having direct deposits (in EURO) into the account and would like to obviously have those funds remain in EURO to be used for living expenses. Or am I better off to wait until I am physically in Germany with an address and then open the account?