N26 leaving the UK post Brexit. Here are the alternatives

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, N26 announced that they will leave the UK in the wake of Brexit. Apparently, dealing with the the resulting complications wasn’t worth it to keep their 200,000 British customers.

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Another brick in the wall.
Brits, welcome to the club of third world nationals in Europe. Russians, Turks, Arabs - and now you. Such an irony…


I doubt N26 will be missed since the UK banking landscape is quite mature and has several decent free alternatives (e.g. First Direct, Monzo, Starling). I find N26 to be more useful in EU countries with archaic banking systems.

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Hi Louis

Perhaps in e-banking the UK has a good landscape, but as regards traditional retail banking, my experience is that the UK is light years behind continental banking. From multi-currency online banking, help desk and call centre experience, to online banking safety (which has now been beefed up), there are a number of European banks that outperform the UK. And this is before one takes into account charges, in particular for non-Sterling international transfers.


Hiya everyone,

What would happen to SEPA transfers and transfer from any/all banks from/to UK? Does they remain free(if they was free) or at same previous cost(if they was paid) post Brexit?

Tnx and best of luck for non-Feds