N26 confirms withdrawal from US market

US customers won’t be able to access their accounts after 11 January 2022.


I have just had one helluve nightmare interaction with N26 - involving the loss of 2200 euros.

In April, I opened an account with them while living in Dusseldorf Germany. It took em three days to decide I didn’t want one. I wrote to them to close the account. There was 10 euros in it, and I asked them to transfer the money to my British account, Royal Bank of Scotland. I spoke to them a few days later, and the guy on the phone told me the money had been transferred and the account was closed. I left it at that.

At the end of June, I moved to Portugal - Lisbon then Porto. At some point, I opened a Portuguese bank account, and I wanted to transfer my remaining money from a South African Forex account (2200 euros) to my Portuguese account.

I struggled to do so. Right from the start, I battled with the ‘Shyft’ account for everything in Porto. I could draw cash, but that was about it. Nothing else would accept any money from the Shyft account. I either had to pay with money in my Standard bank account (South Africa) or my British accout (Royal bank of scotland).

At some point, a member of staff from Shyft was with me on the phone walkign me through the transfer from shyft (Forex, South Africa) to Millenual (portugal). When I pressed enter, the money disappeared.

It took a month to get that money back again. Shyft blamedm me (they have a bug in their account, carefully covered up by the comment that one mustn’t use one’s name twice) and they told me I had gone to N26.

NTwenty Six ignored my comments for 3 weeks. Eventually it transpired that they don’t answer comments by email, and I had to contact them through my account - only I no longer had the app on my phone, no longer had that telephone number, and I couldn’t contact them through the app. I couldn’t contact them by phone, because it had voicemail on it, and I don’t speak German. Eventually I got responses throught Twitter and Facebook DM.

Finally, I discovered that the N26 account was never closed, and I had to fill in all sorts of snail mail documentation, and the money was transferred back into my shift accunt, and the money transferred into my Portuguese account.

I will never ever deal with an Internet bank account. I keep my British account because it is the most reliable. The South African accounts have been a nightmare from the start. The Portuguese accounts are limited and transferring money from America through Wise or World Remit is difficut.

I will be relocating to Ireland in about a year or so, and then we’ll see how transferring from Portugal to Ireland goes!

Ntwenty six and Shyft were the biggest financial nightmares I’ve had for a long time.

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Try getting customer support from Coinbase. :laughing: :laughing:

Seriously, though, we are seeing a huge pushback on fintech firms from US regulators. Its not a surprise that N26 is pulling out. Many others will follow due to overregulation of the industry.

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