News TV looking for a Golden Visa case study in Lisbon!

Good afternoon all!

My name is Miguel Ángel Moyano, CGTN Europe producer in Spain. CGTN is an international news TV channel that broadcasts in over 100 countries around the world.

CGTN Europe

We will be reporting in Lisbon on February 7th about then end of Portugal’s Golden Visa for Real State investors last year and whats the situation right now.

We are missing a crucial part for our report which is a case study from someone that did benefited the Golden Visa program, we are struggling to find someone. Would anyone in the community, who is already living in Lisbon, want to share one or two hours with us that day? Just to have a quick interview about their new life in Lisbon and walk with us around the city to be part of our report. It would be massive help.

Thank you all in advance!

May I ask if CGTN is chinese? From the website itself, it looks like a chinese newspaper. But I could be wrong…

Only positive news about China, bad news about everywhere else. I dont think we have enough data to say…

From Wikipedia:

China Global Television Network (CGTN) is one of three branches of state-run China Media Group and the international division of China Central Television (CCTV). Headquartered in Beijing, CGTN broadcasts news in multiple languages. CGTN is under the control of the Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party.[1][2][3]

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Should be reporting from Greece, not Portugal . That is where all the (relevant) action is taking place.

Very surprising that CGTN has not found a single Chinese national with a Portuguese GV to take part in this no-doubt fair, balanced, and accurate news report despite them being the overwhelming majority nationality of GV applicants over the last ten years.

Possibly something to do with (a) it’s illegal for Chinese to be dual nationals and the GV route to European citizenship is the primary reason they would apply so best not draw attention; and (b) Chinese can only legally exchange USD50k into foreign currency each year so the investment for a GV would either require amazing foresight and planning akin to psychic precognition or there’s something curious going on that wouldn’t bear scrutiny from the authorities. Unless, of course, most of the GV applicants are the authorities…


Agree with you on point A. For point B, there is a tweak. 50k is true for Mainland China. However the amount is not limited in Hongkong. Most of international lawfirms have offices in HongKong and can tranfer money to where they want. The chinese applicants only need to give 500k/350k (amount of investment) + legal fees to the lawfirm and they sign Power of Attorney. Then the lawfirm can do the rest (including transfer) on behalf of the applicant.

I can see why any Chinese applicant would want to remain quiet about their PT GV…