Nomad Gate Android app

Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere…

I have been using a nomadgate app on my Android phone for a while, but it recently started running very slowly, so I thought I would reinstall. The app isn’t on the play store; I can see a couple of sites with an apk download, but I’m not sure if they’re trustworthy. Is there a recommended place to download it?


If you haven’t yet uninstalled it, you may achieve the same results by clearing all its data. The exact procedure depends on the brand of your phone and Android version, but usually you have to go to Settings → Apps → Apps management , then tap on the Nomadgate app and “Clear data”.

Also, the app-less mobile web access at is quite good.

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Hi Chris,

I wouldn’t recommend using the Nomad Gate Android app at all. It’s just something I created several years ago and never touched again, and it was just a wrapper of the website with several bugs and disadvantages. Hence why I’ve removed it from the Play Store. I’m not even sure I have a copy of it anymore.

I’d rather recommend using Nomad Gate as a web app instead—the performance will be much better. You can add it to your home screen by following this guide:

EDIT: @cj807 I think it’s pretty amazing that someone actually used the app—I think it had a total of 20 downloads or something when I removed it from the Play Store—so I created a special title for you to celebrate that fact! If you’d rather not have it just let me know and I’ll remove it.

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Thanks both - will sort