Opening bank account for non-resident

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all stay safe and healthy.
Im planning to relocate to Portugal soon and currently I’m looking to open a bank account even though I’m not in Portugal yet.
Please recommend the best bank I can deal with from outside of portugal with great online banking services and easy English communication.
I read about Activo bank so do you recommend the same or is there a better bank without monthly fees that is easy to be used outside Portugal.
last question is about the phone number is required to open the a count must it be a Portuguese phone number?


Hi Eman,

It’s hard to suggest anything since the situation and purpose are unclear.
You can open a European online bank account like N26, Revolut, Bunq etc - for that you need a residence permit of any EU country. But for living in Portugal you will need a Portuguese bank since most of the payments (online purchase, GWE bills, mobile transfers) are done using local payment methods.

You can open Portuguese account online, the best one for expats is Activo bank (child of Millenium) since it does have English mobile app, doesn’t have yearly fees, and all Portuguese services are available through the app. For that you need a Portuguese tax number and few more things. Which also could be obtained remotely (e.g. via your accountant or immigration lawyer or just someone Portuguese). I did all of this without having a Portuguese residence e.g. my tax portal password was sent to my house in NL. That’s not an issue. But living here with a normal Visa/Mastercard and doing all this is less of a hassle imho (again, hard to suggest anything since your case is not clear). You can do the tax number, bank account, insurances in a couple of days without problems, only the appointment in the tax office can take long (so you can make it in advance).