Past charges on FBI background check

I am attempting to apply for Portugal GV by year’s end. I received my FBI background check back yesterday and there are still a couple of misdemeanor charges from 42 years ago that I thought were expunged. My question is this: how restrictive is Portuguese Immigration on this and will this prevent my obtaining the GV and eventual residency?

I have submitted this question to my attorney there as well as to the fund company I had intended to go with but I haven’t heard back?

Thank you for any input and any resources toward which you can point me.

Probably no one really knows, that’s one of those individual-judgment things so it probably depends on what it was, too. I had a couple of misdemeanors from 30 years ago that got ignored, but “driving without insurance” isn’t exactly an earth-shaker.

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According to my attorneys “The criminal record requirement is that one does not have a conviction for a crime punishable in Portugal with imprisonment for over one year.”

Assuming that this is correct, the question will be what the potential penalty for the crime of conviction in your home country would be if the conviction had occurred in Portugal.

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Thank you- that is fairly reassuring. Mind if I ask which attorneys you’ve retained? I have the question posed to my attorneys (Edge IL) but have not yet heard back?