Portugal Accounting Firm for Tax Returns


To qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa, I purchased property which I am renting out. I know I need to pay Portugal taxes on the rental income, so I need an Accounting or Tax Preparation Firm that can help me file my Portuguese tax return. Does anyone have any recommendations as to someone who can help me file my Portuguese tax return?

I know people have mentioned Bordr.io and Nifonline to get tax representative services, but I have not seen any tax return preparation services recommended or discussed on the board.

I have asked my attorneys and they have made a suggestion, but I’d like to see if others have had actual experiences with particular firms and costs.

Thank you.

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Hi Rob, sorry do not have an answer for you, but do you know when the PT tax return is due?

Hi Tommy,

It is my understanding that Portuguese income tax returns for calendar year 2021 are due on June 30, 2022.

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Any updates here? Were you able to find a Portuguese tax filing firm? I invested in a Portuguese private equity fund which had a distribution in 2022 so I expect to need to file taxes for the 2022 calendar year.

I did get one firm recommendation through PM and another through my attorneys. I did not reach out to either of them yet since I am in a similar boat as you as to timing. My plan was to reach out to them out later this year and hire one. I can PM you the names of the firms if you would like.

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It looks like Iberis GreyTech II is going to be paying out a fairly substantial amount this year (I’m on their semi-annual webinar right now), so it looks like some new people are going to be looking for help filing taxes next year. I don’t think I will need to do so, since I am not a resident, but just in case, would you mind PMing me the names you have? Thanks!

Would you mind sending me a PM with any recommendations, please? Thanks.


Present in Portugal but not working. Living off income from property let out in home country. So no income from Portugal.

How does tax work for us? Especially since we seem to need some sort of social security number for a lot of SEF dealings which we do not have due to not working and paying tax. Thinking ahead to permanent residency and then citizenship applications…. Any thoughts on this much appreciated.

As a result, would greatly appreciate a PM on tax accountants details so we can discuss at length.


Hello! I tried to send you a PM, but I’m not sure if it went through. I think you might be in anonymous mode? Anyway, please let me know if you did not get it.

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Hello, could you PM me the recommendations too?

Has anyone else made much progress on this matter? I’ll need to file a return for 2022 I think.