[Portugal D7] Family Emergency - Can Leave Before Receiving Residence Card?

I just had the SEF appointment yesterday for my D7 residency in Portugal. I submitted all my documents, paid my fee, and received the paper temporary proof. I, of course, haven’t received the actual card yet. Unfortunately, a close family member has just gone in for serious emergency surgery. I would like to go and be with them at this time. Can I leave (and return) with the paper received from SEF as proof of my residence status?

Thank you for any help.

I’m going to answer my own question for anyone who reads this later.

According to the officials in my country’s embassy in Portugal, I can leave and return with the temporary paper residence status document. However, when returning to Portugal I should make sure that the first Schengen country that I arrive in is Portugal. Other countries might not recognize nor honour that residence status paper.

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