Portugal D7 visa income proof for month or YEAR?

I’ve read many sites on the income/savings/retirement money requirement for Portugal D7 Resisent Visa and i’m confused with the wording. They all state must show proof of annual income of whatever, but is that literal? Do i have to show that amount already in the bank for a year AHEAD, or divide the amount listed by 12 and show them that monthly resource that is available? I have small US social security supplemented by some online income.

Please include reference to the website you obtained the answer, if possible.

Thanks much!

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Sophia, is they ask for annual income you simply have to show your tax return. Income is not capital, so you do not have so mention how much you have in assets (unless they specifically ask for it). They obviously do not want people that cannot support themselves.

Sophia, you need to show typically twice Portuguese minimum wage (around €1200 per month) and generally consulates accept a combination of Social Security, 401K or other income, and investment income include net real estate income. It MUST be regular, documented and easy to understand for consular staff.

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Thanks much but that was not exactly the question I asked because I already have all the basic info from the internet. The specific thing I need to know is what kind of documentation and how much time do I need to show for? In other words+ if I go in today do I have to show proof that I have enough income for the next YEAR to live on? Or can I just show what I currently have monthly coming in? And how many months back do I have to provide bank statements to verify that? I am starting new online income along with my small social security so that’s why this is a critical question. Thanks again…


The Portuguese authorities want you to show the recurring nature of the income, in other words, as far as I am aware, it is not for the next pear per se, it is the recurring nature of the income. Generally, social security and pension income would need to be forward-looking, so a document showing that you will continue to have the right to receive it, while other income needs to demonstrate historical consistency, generally 3 years. Apologies that I cannot be more specific but different consulates have been known to ask for variations of information, in our experience.

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Thank you so much for your time!

There are official sources and then there is accumulated experience. There is an official amount that is based the the current minimum wage. It’s so low (1/3 of my SS) I didn’t keep the link.

Best source for detailed info on the D7 visa is in the ‘Proof of financial means / proof of sufficient funds’ section of ‘2019ObtainingVisa_1Aug.pdf’ (or a more current version) in the Files section of Facebook group ‘Americans & Friends PT’. If you don’t see it on the list, click the ‘See More’ link at the bottom of the list.

When I applied last year for the visa, I provided the previous 6 months of checking account statements containing my SS auto deposit, as well as the SS benefits letter.