Portugal Golden Visa changes

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Dear Luis, I am also interested in understanding the details of the 280k option. would you please share the info? Thank you.

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Submission date will be used to determine eligibility and which rules will apply.

There is still some debate as to whether low density municipalities on the coast will also be affected. I have polled the opinion of several lawyers and while most have not even thought about that level of detail, the few who have cannot make a pronouncement

I am a US citizen seeking retirement in the Schengen Zone of Europe. I am unclear if Portuguese residency would provide me with a pathway to live freely in other EU countries? If so, would this only occur after obtaining Portuguese citizenship (ie 5 years)? Could this goal be accomplished just as easily via a Portuguese retirement visa instead of a Golden Visa?

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I read somewhere online that the proposed changes to the Portugal Golden Visa is being suspended or postponed due to CORVID-19. I wanted to confirm if it is true that the Portuguese government has announced the suspension.

Hi @Lightblue, PT residency via the golden visa will only allow you to live in PT. You can freely move around the Schengen area but not become resident in other countries (unless you fulfill the relevant country’s residence rules). However, this would be possible once you become a PT national. And yes, the 5-year residence period required to apply for the PT nationality is linked to residence in the country, not necessarily to the golden visa.
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Hi @iodumboni, as far as I know, these changes should be implemented at the beginning of next year (early 2021). This was publicly announced by a member of staff of the Prime Minister a few weeks ago.
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