Portugal Golden Visa - ending in Metropolitan & Coastal areas in July 2021

In case it’s of interest, I saw that the Portuguese Government has just approved plans to end Golden Visas in metropolitan and coastal areas as of July 2021:

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Thank you for the update

<Portugal’s Golden Visa Latest Regulation Changes>

According to the latest discussion, Portugal government as decided to make changes to current GV regulations - to end the property investment channel for Golden Visa in big cities like Lisbon & Porto.

New regulation will be effective by July 1st, 2021. There will be approximately 2 years of transition period in 2021 and 2022, where the investment threshold for these cities will gradually increase.

According to the budget, the government will end property investment in coastal area and metropolitan cities. For those initially approved visa, renewal of visa is permitted.

According to Mariana Vieira da Silva, 'GV investment are linked prominently to property investment. We hope to channel this investment to inner continent area, to create more developments and jobs to those areas.

Details will be announced in the decree law. We will keep posted on all new announcements, and post recommendations on investment strategy due to the new regulations, and other investment channels for Golden Visa.