Portugal GV Fund Comparison?

I was looking at Portugal Gateway fund earlier. However, the minimum investment is 350K Euros and I needed a fund where I could split my money across two funds. hence I decided against investing in this fund

There is another thread that talks about Prima Collection here:

If you are a US citizen, note that Optylon Krea will not issue a PFIC statement. The discussion about this is in another thread:

I agree with your assessment of the Portugal Gateway fund. It does feel like a strange combination for sure and it does feel like a bit of a stretch for Kigeni compared to what/where their past funds have invested in. Their past funds have all performed very well:
Catalyst 1: 6 Investments, 3.27x TVPI from 1997 - 2008 (12.6% net IRR). 100% deployed.
Catalyst 2: 9 investments, 4.01x TVPI from 2011 - present (14.9% net IRR). 100% deployed.
Greeen Energy: 5 investments, 1.95x TVPI from 2017 - present (18.2% net IRR). 100% deployed.

Regarding fundraising, my understanding is that Kigeni partners and Banco Portugues de Fomento have each committed 10M for a total of 20M, with another 7M coming from GV and/or institutional investors.

Unfortunately they had incorrect information on their website. Their minimum investment is 100K. I have contacted them and they will be updating their website (and notifying NomadGate) shortly.

I spoke to Gavin from the Portugal Gateway fund and he confirmed to me that the minimum investment is 350K euros. I will reach out to him, possible that they changed their rule