Portugal GV question re: children over 18

Hi Everyone

First time posting; I have been reading a ton on the site and have a particular situation that I cannot find answers about.

We are a family of four: myself, spouse and two student children ages 19 and 22.

My questions are:

  1. Can we arrange SEF appointments when the time comes for all of us at once or is it one at a time? Clearly the latter is a tremendous obstacle. It’s tough enough that will have to arrange on shorter notice for the 4 of us to travel to Portugal since the kids reside in different cities and have their own busy schedules.

  2. If at the time of renewal, one or more child is no longer a student does that mean they are no longer eligible to renew or does it go by initial status as of the first visa?

Thanks for any help in getting these questions answered. Much rides on it.


  1. appointments are done one at a time. In theory it is possible to get multiple appointments on the same day, but currently this is very difficult to do.

  2. Prevailing wisdom is that all requirements must be maintained throughout the entire period of the visa. Thus, the 22 year old would, AFAIK, be outright ineligible after 5 years. The 19 year old it would be cutting it very close but even so as you describe they are living independently and not dependents. As long as the 19 year is still a student at age 24 it would be possible.

Thanks so much. I suspected that was the case which would derail my plans. I can’t see overcoming that current hurdle.

I’ll stay informed and if they ever allow SEF appointments at a stateside embassy I will get right on it.