Portugal GV- Travel from US allowed for biometrics

I understand that part of the GV application process includes traveling to Portugal for the in-person interview/biometrics. With the COVID-related ban on travel from the US , does anyone know if travel from the US to Portugal is permissible as an exception, perhaps as essential activity or government meeting? Anyone know how Portugal is handling this?

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Very good question. I’ve been wondering myself and would like to add to this question:

Even if it’s possible to travel to Portugal to have biometrics taken and complete the application process, will the subsequent 1 or 2 year residency permit enable the holder to travel to Portugal/Schengen area to fulfill the minimum annual residency requirement? I know Germany allows Permanent Residents to enter and/or transit, but the GV program only results in permanent residency after 5 years.

I guess the bottom line is: is it even possible for US Citizens to participate in the GV program and meet it’s requirements, given the current restrictions?


I was told yes, it’s “essential travel”. Dunno the terms though, if you get to quarantine for two weeks or whatever.

I have recently heard that SEF is providing the necessary letters/paperwork needed to travel to Portugal for the biometrics. I’d of course recommend checking this with your lawyer to see what applies in your own case to be entirely certain.

Once a resident you are also allowed to travel to Portugal freely, although you may need to take a PCR test 72 hours before departure, or on arrival at the cost of €100.

Basically,all Schengen countries are handled the same way,doesnt matter if Germany,Portugal or even Switzerland,which is part of Schengen but not the E union.Once you have a permit for one Schengen member state,it allows you to work and roam in all Schengen States freely.Of course limited by law for customs,carrying goods like too much alcohol,gold etc. are still to be declared .