Considering GV, can I traveling to Portugal now?

Hi friends,

We have been considering a few GV options (Portugal, Montenegro, and previously Cyprus) for a year. We’d like to visit the prospective areas before moving forward. Unfortunately COVID has made international travel very difficult. And if I understand correctly, it’s currently impossible to travel to Portugal from US as a tourist. Does anyone know if it’s impossible to travel Portugal if I have an invitation letter from a GV company I’m working with?


No, according to the Borders and Immigration Service’s FAQ:

8. I am in the USA, can I travel to Portugal?

Air traffic originating in the United States of America is only allowed for essential travel, that is, for:

- Citizens of the European Union, nationals of States associated with the Schengen Area and members of their families, third-country nationals (i.e. citizens of non-EU countries) legally resident in a Member State of the European Union;

- Third-country nationals traveling for professional, study, family reunion, health or humanitarian reasons, and in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

Site is in Portuguese. Chrome browser translates using Brazilian Portuguese. To use European Portuguese, go to Bing Microsoft Translator - Vertalen uit Engels. Paste the URL into the left hand box. Clicking on the URL in the right hand box opens the translated site in a new tab.

This is correct.
Portugal is locked down until Easter.

Portugal has hinted they will allow international travel starting in mid-May 2021.
EU has just approved a vaccine passport model with an option for PCR test at the insistence of Germany and Belgium.

Tourism will return soon.