Portugal real estate

Hello. My name is Eric. Was born in Russia and have bern living in USA for the last 27 years. I am 52 years old. Planning to work.for another 8-10 years and move to Portugal for retirement . My plan is to leave 6 month in Portugal ( silver coast) 6 month in usa. Sweet). But this is only a plan will see if I can implement it.
So, I have number of questions. And will appreciate answers of those of you who has some knowledge.

  1. Do I need to try to get Golden Visa if I am planning to pay for private insurance in Portugal
  2. What other things Visa can get me other then access to Portugal free health care if I am not planning to work in Portugal
  3. Should I look for real estate now or should I wait
  4. Can I buy a property and rent it out for 5 years. I mean I understand I can but would it be advisable?
  5. What are the other expenses involved with real estate in Portugal after the purchase price and taxes?

Thank you

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