Real Estate


Apologies in advance if I post in the wrong place or don’t know enough. New here and actively researching to move to Sao Miguel.

Related to Golden Visa.

Real Estate: Looking for recommendation of real estate agent/broker in Sao Miguel. Also interested in discussing real estate, taxes, etc. and learning more about how it works in Portugal, in particular the Azores.
Taxes: Real estate, income (including foreign rental income), investment, vehicle, etc. Recommended tax accountant for Portugal?
Health Insurance: supplemental health insurance, international health insurance. Does GV provide basic health insurance? Recommended international health insurance company?
Other Insurance: Homeowner insurance, car insurance,
Moving: Recommend things to ship to Portugal/Azores. Read it’s duty free to ship over personal items and vehicle.
Vehicle: Should we ship our EVs over to Azores? Duty free to ship over. How about excise tax and other taxes when having the vehicles there

Thank you all in advance.