Portugese Golden Visa Questions

Hi everyone

My family are Bangladeshi citizens and they are considering applying for the Portuguese Golden visa.

Does anyone have any experience or advice for including dependant parents? What kind of documentation is required?

Also I have sent the solicitor Alexander (recommended on Nomad Gate) an email but have not received any response. Does anyone have any contacts of a good english-speaking legal representative in Portugal who is an expert in this field?


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Hello, Iā€™m a Portuguese lawyer and would be happy to help. Fell free to drop me a line: guifig@pm.me
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Hi, I work with devere group, the worlds largest independent financial advisory. We have more than 100 offices globally including one in Delhi, India. You can call me at +91 9650001808 or email at dheeraj.sood@devere-india.co.in to discuss. We service clients in bangladesh from india. thank you