Portugese Learning Tips/Resources for A2 Language Requirement

What resources/tips have people who are learning Portugese (outside Portugal) been using to get to A2 level?

My goal is to get to the A2 level when I first visit Portugal in 2024 (And probably B1 level by time of citizenship)

I think when my Wife get’s into it, that’ll help, we can just do daily small-talk in Portugese (Can you get me a water? When will you be home? etc.) which will re-enforce the common conversational/touristy stuff.

I think when we’re better we’ll join an in-person Portugese meetup group and take it from there, but I’m wondering how we get to know 1,000 words and basic communications.

I’ve paid for Memrise as I liked that they have videos of local speakers, but I’m getting to the stage where it’s a bit rote/repetitive and I’d love to read daily news (Can be Portugal, International, Finance, whatever). So https://www.theportugalnews.com looks good, but ideally with English on one side and Portugese on another (like a lot of the bi-lingual contracts). Or some kind of “news for children” so there’s much fewer words/simpler stories for me to begin with.

I’d also be interested in childrens-level entertainment, e.g. Sesame Street or similar written and videos. There seems to be some interesting options on Amazon+Kindle.



Lingopie.com has quality Portuguese videos with Portuguese subtitles. You can try it free for a week.

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I’m also using Memrise and have the same impression. Everyone learns differently, but this is a list of the resources that I’ve been using. Keep in mind that this list is being provided by a total novice.

  1. Pimsleur European Portuguese CDs. I found this at my local library (a heck of a lot cheaper that way). Check your library. Maybe they have it.

  2. I enlisted the help of a tutor on Preply.com. Catia N., Portuguese and English Teacher with Teaching Bachelor and 12 years of experience | Learn with Portuguese Tutors (preply.com)

  3. This is the site set up by the government for migrants who want to learn Portuguese. https://pptonline.acm.gov.pt/

  4. 20+ Portuguese TV Shows (With Subtitles) That You Can Stream - Portugalist

  5. Podcast — Portuguese Lab

  6. Aprender a Pronúncia do Português Europeu - Guia Completo (european-portuguese.info)

  7. Conjugação português: particípio, pretérito, subjuntivo | Conjugador Reverso

There are a few threads on this:

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I am considering this… we will move to Portugal soon after we receive our GV residency passes (which should be towards the end of this year). My partner is Brazilian and therefore doesn’t need to do the language test.

I am considering enrolling at a school in Lisbon that includes the A2 language test as part of the course so that I’m pretty much sure to pass it.

Does anyone have a recommendation of a language centre in Lisbon that offers courses that lead to the A2 certification?

Also, I’m assuming it doesn’t expire? So if I pass it in Year 1 then the certificate will still be valid when we apply for citizenship after Year 5.

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I’ve enjoyed my two weeks (so far) at Lusa language school. 2 weeks of the intensive course gets you through A1. Starting A2 today!

It’s not horribly difficult to learn, frankly. The hard part is having the confidence to speak and slow down your daily interactions with wait staff, cashiers, etc. You’d think being an American would help me with that but no!


The hard part for me is getting people in Portugal to actually talk to me in Portuguese. They just talk to me in perfect English even if I try to talk to them in Portuguese.

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Haha e verdade!

“Olá, boa tarde”

“Ah, you’re American! Welcome! What can I get you”


I’ve gotten good at “não, desculpe, estou a aprender português, preciso praticar a falar se faz o favor”.


Also about 3/4 the time I’m complimented on my Portuguese and especially my pronunciation, and the other quarter I am entirely impossible to understand apparently, the way they react.

I recommend pimsleur for getting a head start on pronunciation, I used it and my wife didn’t and it’s noticeable to our teacher and even me

practiceportuguese dot com arranges its modules in the A-1 - B-1 levels which is helpful and I like their reinforcement throughout the lessons. Reasonably priced.

RTP has an app called “Estudo em Casa” that was put together for remote learning during the pandemic. They have all grades of lesson so I’ve been listening to the first through ninth grade. Some instructors (for me at least) are easier to understand than others. Because they also use materials on a screen, it’s pretty easy to catch on to what they are teaching. I specifically like the courses Portugues para nao maternal (I think that’s what it’s called). Anyway, great way to listen to spoken word and it’s free!

If you’re on Twitter, I subscribe to RTP Noticias for news in Portuguese. If you’re stumped on words you can open the Tweet and use the translate button.

I am also doing Preply with a tutor once a week. Great for keeping the verbal part going and giving you homework to do. The time difference (me on West coast) does sometimes make scheduling difficult but I am really enjoying and that along with Practice Portuguese are my two main stays at this point.

When I am in Lisbon during the summer, I take classes in person at Lusa School. Like @garrett I’ve enjoyed their classes.

I will be taking the A-2 language test this summer. I have read in several places it doesn’t expire.

Good luck!


We did 6 weeks of intensive work at Lusa and passed the test. 8 weeks would have been better. We hoped they would teach to the test, and they very much do not teach to the test, except that we found they very much did prepare us very well to the test.

It really depends on who is in your class, too. Easy to get bogged down, particularly with people who think they know Portuguese.


Are you basically doing your two weeks in Portugal while taking the class? Smart! Which hours does the two week course run from? I just saw the prices on their website but not the other info

We don’t even have our residence card, so no. Though later, we’ll probably take more.

We’re doing 9am-1pm classes every weekday

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they have both morning sessions and afternoon sessions.


Not bad! And I totally forgot, you just did your biometrics. I think the nice weather in nyc has melted my brain. Haha. But that’s great-9-1 every day for two weeks for a level of language. I’m into it

Yeah after 2 weeks I was much more confident in listening and about 10x as comfortable talking with people in shops, etc for little stuff. Still a work in progress of course but it’s noticeable!

Wife hates the long hours but I enjoy them

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Portuguese Connection Language school also offers classes in Lisbon and online for the preparation of A2 level test (with good reviews). They give 10% off on group classes for Nomadgate community, if you contact them through this form and mention the code NOMADGATE.

Is there a good book for a beginner to start the learning process.

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Ana Tavares Portugues XXI–Livro do ALuno, and the audio files it comes with are aimed straight at the test.

Another is Gramatica Ativa 1 by Isabel Coimbra and Olga Mata Coimbra. This is pure grammar with no audio but very good at the technicalities.

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Thanks Ernest.

This series is good and available on Youtube.