Portuguese NHR Changes in 2020 - Status Update Anyone?

For the State Budget for 2020 it was proposed to increase taxes under NHR from 0% to 10% with a minimum of 7500 eur tax per year. News article here.

What is the status of these changes and how does it affect those who are about to get PT residency and apply for NHR?

I believe it is just 10% on pensions, 0% on other offshore income. I haven’t heard of the 7500 minimum.

It is very complicated though. E.g. offshore income from a tax haven doesn’t count, nor does share trading I believe. Get tax law advice.

Haven’t heard of the 7500 either.

Capital gains are fully taxable though. So don’t sell or prefer investments paying a dividend.

I am not a tax expert by any means but this seems very bad for Americans with golden visas. If I understand our double tax exclusion correctly, it seems that this 7500 minimum tax will not be deductible or creditable because it is not proportional to the taxable amount. Just as they give options to legacy NHR Scandinavians to avoid punitive taxation by opting in to the 10% tax, perhaps they could offer an alternative taxation rate to Americans that would essentially cancel out the tax rate that would otherwise be paid in the USA.