Portuguese Parliament Amends Nationality Law: A Quicker Path to Citizenship? – Nomad Gate

In a significant update, the Portuguese Parliament has approved changes to the Nationality Law, which will—assuming it’s approved by the president—come into effect in 2024.

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We are still waiting for SEF/AIMA approval after our biometrics in October 2022. Now we hear that this waiting time will count towards naturalization. That’s great.

But will this time not count because we havent spent time in Portugal during this period? Or the spend-time condition will be waived for this period because it had not been decided that this time will count and hence we did not know we should go to Portugal? Or will we able to spend more time in the next few years to make up for lost time?

By the way most people who chose to litigate got their cases expedited. Are we being punished for being nice and not suing?

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