POTENTIAL PROBLEM! Searching for Arish Capital Liberty Lisbon Investors!

Hello! I am supposedly one of 100 investors in a project titled Liberty Lisbon, by the developer Arish Capital. I am searching for any other investors in the same project! It is a commercial rehabilitation project on Avenue de Liberdade.

Why am I searching for other investors? In case we need to bring up issues to the developer TOGETHER, as opposed to one at a time.

Potential Issue:

We all invested toward the end of 2022/beginning of 2023. This means we are all still waiting for pre-approval. Arish Capital has the ability, according to our contracts, to purchase our shares back around 2031-2032. Originally, I thought this was enough time to (1) get the GV, (2) establish 5 years of residency with the GV, and (3) obtain citizenship. But now, it seems it might take 1-2 more year before getting the GV, and then it might take 3+ years for citizenship! This means we might be forced to sell our investment before obtaining citizenship, which would render us ineligible.

I really hope this doesnโ€™t happen, and that we can collectively find another way to ensure our eligibility. Either we approach the developer together, with strength in numbers, or perhaps lawyers out there can help us find a way to maintain our eligibility.

If you know anyone who is also an investor in the Liberty Lisbon project, please let me know!