Proof of money source for Golden Visa Portugal

Can you please help me to find the answer?
We know that for Golden Visa person has to send money from his private account on one name. Does SEF check the source of this money? Does person have to show papers from his company or other paper, showing how money came to his account? Or the fact that money will come from his bank account is good enough? Thank you

From our experience, we just had to prove that the funds came from our U.S. account and were due to a sale of a property. A typical monthly bank statement from a reputable U.S.-based financial institution was sufficient. Our lawyer actually requested it of us in anticipation of questions from SEF that might arise later.

One thing for sure: ALL payments for purchase of qualifying funds or real estate MUST originate from your Portuguese bank account. Your Portuguese bank must issue a statement certifying this money flow. SEF will track these transactions.

Ultimately everything depends on your evaluating SEF officer.

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Dear @anya.marynchenko

I did the money transfer back in 2017 December when I purchased a property.

  • I recall filling 1-2 easy forms declaring my source of income and stated that salary + rental income in my home country were the main source of my saving…
  • What happened next was my bank at Lisbon provided a statement to my lawyer which stated that X amount of money from my home country was transferred to my bank account in Portugal…

A friend of mine recently pursued the fund option, she went through a much more rigerous check; this was partly because her salary is lower and needed to explain how she was able to make enough saving for the fund option…

Your lawyers should be able to give you a more clear straight forward answer on this.

I hope this helps

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Thank you very much for the answers. it got clearer. Portuguese bank give a statement that funds came from my private bank account in my country and it work as a proof . In the same time, I fill the declaration and show where do I get funds from. And the possible issue could be if information from the declaration doesn’t fit with amount of fund I have. Do i understand correct?
Thank you !

That is generally correct. You might not need to provide a justification of the origin of funds in your own country unless SEF asks for it. You should be prepared, however, to justify their origin once requested.