PSA: Do not apply for online renewal of your US Passport if you're applying for a visa!

The US Department of State flags the passport as lost. I’m having to notarize and apostille every page of my new passport for SEF as a result. Good stuff.


Ouch. Thanks for the PSA!

I just did exactly that 3 weeks ago.

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Oh, that’s awful. I’m so sorry.
While we’re on the topic, I could use some advice re: renewing my passport:
While it officially expires in March 2025, I know that passports have to be renewed for travel so there are at least six months remaining before expiration.
That being said, IAS submitted our applications in mid-November 2022, and we have yet to receive notice of pre-approval. I know it’s taking a long time, but I’d appreciate any thoughts about when to renew in order to have the passport available for our biometric appointments.
Thanks in advance.

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I’d apply now for a renewal if you can

Mine took 11 weeks to renew. I missed three trips as a result and had thought I’d miss none since I couldn’t really travel for 60 days due to surgery. I think this was because it was bad timing and an online renewal.

Once you receive your new passport, you’ll need to notarize and apostille at least the identity page. For me, because of my online renewal, I had to notarize the whole book, including covers and apostille the document. I’m still afraid they’ll reject since I only apostilled one since the apostille confirms the notary and the notary all are the same, but we’ll see. Notary is free at my bank and my state’s apostille turnaround is a day or two. Same day if you need, but I’m 4 hours from the capital.

Also, if you have Global Entry that needs to be updated too. I’m in the process of renewing mine now that it’s in sync with my new passport, but the TTP site doesn’t recognize the new A passport numbers as USA.

Thanks for the feedback!