PT GV - Sworn Statement

One of the required documents for the PT GV ( is as follows:

“Sworn Statement by which the Applicant declares to comply with all the minimum
quantitative and time requirements (five years) for the investment activity in the National Territory”

Questions for clarification:

  • does anyone have a draft of an acceptable statement?
  • does it need to be in Portuguese or English is OK?
  • to be “sworn”, the signing of the document needs to be notarized, correct?

I have just asked my lawyer all the same questions and he is ‘looking into it’…
In case he does not come up with answers soon, I’ll just go ahead and cobble a text together myself in Portuguese, sign it, and have my lawyer certify my signature.

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If you are using a lawyer, then he/she will/should provide it. It must be in Portuguese.

It would be really helpful to see some draft wording, in case anyone has that to hand!

I will PM you.

It all has to be in Portuguese and notarized. If translated from english you need a notarized translation. Most probably you should have the lawyer draft it.