Document from government confirming no amounts due?

I am in process and received a request to provide this
Proof of the contributory status regularized by the submission of a negative declaration of the debt and debt, with a maximum advance of 45 days, by the Tax and Customs Administration and by Social Security or, in case of impossibility, existence of claim of debts
My lawyer says this is a statement from my country of residence that I don’t owe money to the government. I have no idea how to get this or who to even ask. How have other people dealt with this? Or maybe I am misunderstanding the requirement??

I guess something is very wrong at your lawyer side. I was never asked by my lawyer to provide such docs from my country of residence. It is in fact the negative declarations your lawyer need to obtain from PT gov agencies.

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Great thanks for the heads up. He was referred by a local friend. Maybe not that familiar with the process

You seem to have gotten a wrong kind of lawyer, but don’t worry, it happens to the best of us :wink:
Just in case you are struggling to get any help from them, you may just go ahead and obtain both documents yourself:

  • the Tax declaration of no debt is obtained online from the Portal das Financas under your own account. You register for your tax account access online after you receive your NIF;
  • the Social Security declaration of non-existence of record can be either obtained from any local Social Security office in Portugal while you are there in person, or you may ask the Portuguese Consulate in your home country if they offer this service.