Recommendation for Portuguese tax advisor?


Finpartner is charging my mother €600 to prepare and submit her Portuguese tax declaration.

Hers is a very simple declaration, as the only Portuguese income she has is from disbursements of a closed invstment fund. I find €600 a bit steep for that.

I have a US tax advisor charge me USD 275 to submit my tax declaration in the US.

Can anyone recommend a tax adivisory that could do her tax declaration at a more reasonable fee?

Thank you


DIY option considered?
In your scenario you’ll probably spend more time/effort/money just searching for a tax advisor.

Yes, that might be an option. Wouldn’t known where to start though.

Anyone who has done their own Portuguese taxes could give me a pointer?

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I’ll also ask the lawyers. They asked us to hire the company as “tax representatives”. I am not sure if they perform an additional function other than submitting the tax declaration.