Requirements for HQA visa?

Given that priority of the SEF appointments recently is given to the HQA and D7 visas., I’m currently considering applying for the HQA.
Just curious, what are the requirements for HQA visa?


All the questions regarding the HQA Visa can be answered at

Hey Paul, herewith some key info on the HQA Visa:


The HQA Visa is essentially a "packaged flavor of the D3 - Highly Qualified Activity Visa (so a concierge style program. D7 = retirement / passive income visa, Golden Visa = D9 category).

The key basis for obtaining it is a combination of innovative company formation, and the funding of a high-value tech / R&D research project with a Portuguese university or “public research facility”. Said institution’s endorsement is the key thing around which your HQA application hinges.

The below article highlights the mechanics, compares the HQA to other visas, etc.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the clarification @bothmamail

@paulthefree Did you end up applying for the HQA?

Hi @mindtry1 No I did not cos every time that I want to cash out on my investments, all the negative economic news have to coincidentally come out at the times that I planned to sell & cause panic selling in the markets. FML

At this rate, I will never be able to have the sufficient funds required to invest and apply for the HQA visa

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Oh that sucks. Sorry to hear.

I’m still trying to figure out if this is a legitimate program, since I haven’t found any testimonies from people who have gone that route.

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I am also interested in learning of examples of successful HQA visa applications.