Does anyone know whether the HQA Visa is still available and who’s got expertise?

Does anyone know whether this visa is still an option and whether there are any competently informed advisors?

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I have a call with one of them tomorrow actually. Let’s see how that goes!

Hi @itsalwaysday01 , Could you let me know how was your call with them? Is it Empowered Startup? I would like to explore this as a backup in case GV is scrapped by the parliament.

Yes, it was. Now I am considering not doing HQA with the law changes and try to squeeze a GV in, but struggling to find a good investment. What about you?

what law changes are you referring to exactly? The GV changes are not relevant to GV right?

Recent changes to the housing bill that states that until the law is published, applications for GV can be submitted with no negative impact? Read up on the site - there are lots of discussions.

I have read plenty on the GV changes, but I dont understand what that has to do with HQA? Are you not doing the HQA because you prefer the GV? (I.e. little loss of capital)?

Yes, that is correct. That’s what I mean. You end up having some property ownership at least and hopefully some capital gains.

Ah yeh, that makes so much more sense. I thought you were suggesting the laws surrounding the hqa changed.