SAAS investment

Hey guys
Mattia here a new member.
I need an help evaluating an investment in a SAAS app.
I’ve selected this deal on one of the few safe marketplaces for selling websites, Feinternational.
Differently from Empire Flippers or Flippa, full of scams, they act like an agency, hand picking only accurate businesses and doing extended due diligence.
The deal consists in a bundle of three tools for traffico, SEO and conversion optimization and the financial are good but realistically average.
For 30k a profit of 1100$/month.
The price was higher (45k) but I negotiated to lower at 30.
For me is a passive investment and an added brand to my portfolio company MxS Brands.
The deal comes with an active mailing list, social profiles and the websites.

The only doubt I have is the following: there isn’t IP involved. Meaning that all the tools haven’t been developed by the seller but have been licensed for life (already paid).
So essentially I’m not buying the IP of the apps but the customers relationship and the assets mentioned above.
I mean it’s still a good deal, as customer acquisition is the highest barrier to profitability usually, but this thing of not owning the Intellectual Property of the apps offsets me.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

30k is a good price, do you know the size of the customer base the customer accusation costs?
as well as page views and growth?