Safest investment fund for Portugal GV? Low risk, low reward


I am interested in the Golden Visa, (UK remainer) and was considering the investment route. I have very little knowledge with investing, and would only be doing this for the Visa, not looking for large returns. My main aim is to protect my capital, so the lower risk, lower reward the better.

I was hoping to find something like an index fund. It seems that the funds listed on the website, aimed at GV investors are mostly Venture Capital funds, which are usually high risk high reward. I am specifically looking at ones with a shorter minimum investment time, of 5/6/7 years.

Can anyone give me any advice on this? Or reccomendations


They are all venture capital funds by definition. Some are more conservative than others, a couple offer a “guarantee” that isn’t much of a guarantee. Read through the “portugal gv fund comparison” thread.

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Thanks, I didnt realise this. I had originally imagined something low risk that would basically protect my capital for the sake of the Visa

Ive been reading through the thread you suggested and it seems many people are dubious about the various funds, and there is no real way to be sure you won’t lose a lot or all of your money. So I guess its back to the drawing board

I think the closest to what you want maybe Mercan/RAG project:

You invest €350,000, then they take care of the entire process (from tax number to application submission, and accompany you to your SEF appointment). For this project they pay a fixed 3% yield per year, and will buy back your unit (for €350,000) once you have your permanent residence permit in hand in 5-6 years (or you can hang on to your ownership for longer if you’d like).

Check out Thomas’ post here (scroll down to where he talks about Mercan/RAG)


@wkb thanks, I didnt actually see this as I had thought I would not go the property route, and it was in that section. Also in the big thread about funds, there are others looking for simple ways to preserve capital with low risk and get the GV, but they dont mention this.

Do you know why this is a lower risk option? I’m a bit confused about it. So you invest a small part of a big property they buy or own? And then after 5 years they buy it back off you. Why is this more of an assurance pot protecting capital than other routes