SD-Card Encryption in Android OS, by secure App

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I have another Android phone with latest Android OS ver.8 , but unfortunately the sdcard encryption is not possible in that(for any reason I don’t know, even company confirmed this on it’s forum). I tried to use separate encryption apps but non of them works Mounted unless you root your Android. I’m so worried if I root my Android, it becomes vulnerable to hack or authority mass survillance. Also I don’t know for sure but potentially may the root app may contain any kind of key-logger or Trojan to my Android. I tried many secure Encryption apps for Android, but the only thing that I can do is to download my files from internet, move them from download forlder to encryption app container file(only from inside of encryption app), then, close the container so they remain encrypted. But the issue is, if the hackers or authority try to gain access to sdcard, they can understand what I had that I deleted and then putted in container by sophisticated methods. So I couldn’t figure out what is the best solution? I’m looking to hacker and F~B~I-proof my sdcard. Please answer here or if you don’t know, please guide me where can I find my answer.

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