Secure VPS setup


How to setup a completely secure VPS over CentOS, NS~A/FB~I proof Encrypted file-system/hard-disk/partition and VNC access for security entering of password?
If you need more details to provide an accurate guide, please ask to provide it.


These kinds of questions are way too specific for a Digital Nomad community. I see you’ve asked a bunch of them, so I felt compelled to address the meta-problem of where to ask questions.

First, is “VPS setup” related to digital nomading? Not really. Even if you meant “VPN”, not “VPS”, there are communities better targeted at security.

Second, the whole NomadGate community has ~5000 members, of which only a small portion are active - I’d wager under 1%. Become familiar with this concept; it’s very important when it comes to online communities:

Next, how many people here do you think use Linux? Most DNs are Mac users, some use Windows. Linux? Maybe 1%? 10% tops. Let alone that you’ve asked about CentOS specifically.

So 10% of 1% of 5000 members, if we’re being generous. A grand total of 5 people here who might be using Linux - but does that mean they know how what the heck NS~A/FB~I proof Encrypted file-system/hard-disk/partition means?

I’ve been using Linux since '94, have a degree in CS, develop web apps for a living, have been using encryption and VPNs for over 15 years, and have no idea what that is.

So long story short, use specialized Q&A sites for your niche questions that aren’t specific to digital nomading (Bitcoin mining, Android security and whatnot).

In this case, VPNs/VPS:

Type your question in all of them via Ask New Question, and see what related questions are most relevant. Then ask in only one of the sites.

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@dandv, I see that you have good intentions here, but I think you have it backwards. You acknowledge that Blonde’s request is niche, but then conclude that it is not of interest to digital nomads. Wouldn’t the opposite make more sense, that it’s niche because the only people using it are digital nomads? If I had asked “Has anyone successfully setup a VPS via CentOS to avoid government tracking?”, I don’t think that you would have objected.

If people didn’t post anything because the chance of a reply is small, then the community wouldn’t grow. 1% should not be mistaken for 0%. There may be people interested in this issue, or a similar one, and hopefully those people would become members, and at some point they would contribute answers themselves. This is an appropriate question for the Tech category.

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While I agree that it’s totally fine to post these kinds of questions on Nomad Gate—you might get lucky :four_leaf_clover:, and it might also help out other “lurkers”—@dandv also has a good point: If @Blonde’s goal is to maximize his chance of getting a useful reply, he should be posting in (at least one of) the communities listed in his post.

@pbm’s point is also a good one. While something might seem a bit too niche for Nomad Gate, you never know. I have seen several questions posted on Nomad Gate that I thought never would get a useful response, only to be proven wrong. This particular topic, however, might still be a bit too niche to expect anything useful here.

The downside of posting too niche topics is that they might clutter the weekly digest emails that many members subscribe to. But other than that they quickly drown in other more active threads, so they aren’t too much of a problem.

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I did not conclude that…? If it came across that way, I’m sorry, and please do point me at where my wording could have been clearer.

My point was that @Blonde’s chances of getting replies here for highly technical topics are very low. Indeed, there has been no reply to this particular thread in 6 months. Wanting to help, I pointed to more appropriate sites.

That sounds like a false dichotomy falling down a slippery slope argument :slight_smile: I’ve been managing communities too (a Discourse forum for self-trackers for example), and the way they’ve grown is by keeping discussions generally on-topic. E.g. “Q: What are some recommendations of VPN providers? A: See, TL;DR - Mullvad, and beware that by merely searching for “𝐕𝐏𝐍” you may end up on an 𝐍𝐒𝐀 list”.

Anyway, maybe a better ending to my post would be, “If you do find a solution on a StackExchange site, please share back here” (though again, how many of us use that particular CentOS setup?).