SEF contacts?

Has anyone been successful in contacting SEF directly with a GV application query?
I have so far tried all of these ‘official’ central channels without success:
808 202 653
808 962 690
217 115 000
965 903 700

Of all these phone numbers only the last one ‘picks up’ with a recorded message redirecting back to their website.
Did anyone try emailing or calling the SEF regional offices?


Although responding to myself is not cool, but just wanted to share for anyone who may have lost hope :grin: that SEF regional offices actually respond to emails, and quite quickly (they responded to me in 50 min…).

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Well done Tommy, and well done SEF! I’m sure many will be happy to know this! Did you communicate in Portuguese or English? And was with a specific SEF office? I went online to check whether contact email addresses of specific SEF offices, and found the attached: Direção Regional de Lisboa, Vale do Tejo e Alentejo.

Yes, I just used this webpage for regional offices, selected the one I needed and pinged an email in Portuguese: