Performance targets

I think I have seen some metrics/ targets/ KPIs that SEF is meant to hit on processing times etc. Is there a list of these anywhere for the various stages of a GV application
I know they’re way off achieving whatever they may be - thus our excel sheets - but it would be interesting to see how far off they are…

Here is the SEF manual:

You can use to translate it.

Deadlines it seems to mention are:

  • 90 days for pre-approval
  • 60 days to schedule biometrics after pre-approval
  • Edit: 90 days to issue card after biometrics

A lawyer can probably confirm which of these are legally required.

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SEF seems to take the time stamps as a joke


The correct deadline is 90 days to issue card after biometric as the corresponding law was amended in 2015.

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Obviously SEF have been (and continue to) seriously miss all of these timescales! Like so many others, I am currently awaiting for the opportunity for my lawyer to schedule biometrics appointments.

I was just wondering, with regard to the 60 day clause for biometric appointments : are SEF supposed to offer an appointment to occur in the 60 day period following pre-approval , or are they only supposed to provide the opportunity to book within the 60days ( ie: by their timescales, you could be invited to book on day 59, with the actual appointment not taking place until some date much further on than 60 days )?

I’m almost at the 60 day point following pre-approval, and I’d be interested to clarify what the 60 period is supposed to require them to do in practice. ( not that I am actually expecting them to comply with their own timescales :roll_eyes:)

I wasn’t invited to even book a biometrics appt until six months had passed from preapproval. The timelines seem to not mean much.

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most frustrating ‘watch paint dry’ experience of my life so far. glad you are a couple of steps in now though.